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Mar 11



Super blogger outfit today.  Which is ironic, because it’s almost entirely vintage, yet feels very contemporary.

Still not sure how I feel about DB jackets.  I know they’re huge right now, but I have yet to see one that made me go “YES!” (or even “SORT OF COOL!”) but I’m a thrifty blogger and I got a chance to test drive. This one is solid, I got it taken in on the sides, but I might go a bit more. The tailor said the vent was starting to pull open, and you’re supposed to trust them… decisions, decisions…

Wore the horsebits because the gold bit clashed with the silver jacket buttons and the black leather clashed with my brown bag.  You know how I do.



Vintage Jacket by Benoits - $(honestly don’t remember, I think it was like $7 or $8, but it might have been 1/2 off)

Vintage Levi’s Work Shirt - $5

Turnbull & Asser tie - $2

Vintage Lee Jeans - $5

Church’s Horsebit Loafers - $5

Vintage “Zero King” Khaki Peacoat - $5

Killin’ it.