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Mar 12


Spring re-sprang.

65 today.  First spin with this cotton, completely unstructured, brown herringbone, peak-lapel jacket by boglioli Banana Republic.

Now, I’m not comparing the two quality wise, but aside from the disappointingly low armholes and somewhat oddly high button stance, it’s pretty spot on with all the stuff the blogo-webs are all atwitter atumblr about.  No structure, 1/4 lined, pick-stitching like whoa.  All in all, worth the $10 I paid for it (and the additional $25 to take up the sleeves).  

Now, I’m sure a boglioli or LBM1911 would be of a higher quality, but even on deep discount it would be a minimum of 4x the price.  And I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about it, the button stance is not my favorite and it’ll continue to pull slightly until I lose this winter weight.  Had I spent $150+ on it I might develop wicked buyers remorse.  As is, I’m totally okay with it, perhaps I won’t keep it, perhaps I will grow to love it, but for $35 in all, it’s a risk with little downside.

As to the rest of it, it’s a solid thrifting outfit, no tie, jacket for trying on overcoats (just because it’s 60+ degrees out doesn’t mean people aren’t donating their grandad’s awesome old overcoats), and slip on shoes.

Purple and orange because… well you know.

Thrifting wins coming up momentarily.



BRepublic Jacket - $10

Van Heusen Gingham Shirt - Gift

BRepublic Chinos - $5

Cole Haan Green Label (Made in Maine) Oxblood Loafers - $4

PS - $6

This guy’s blog is terrific.

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